Richard Wahlgren

Richard Wahlgren

Formålet med Tinkuy er at aktiviteterne i huset hjælper medlemmerne til at mærke sig selv gennem bevægelse i krop, sind og ånd.

Richard Wahlgren bidrager til dette formål ved at tilbyde behandling. Du kan læse mere om Richards behandlingsmuligheder til højre.

My name is Richard Wahlgren and I am 28 years old. I have always had the feeling that I should work with people in some way. I never knew in what way, until I started to go to therapy for 2,5 years ago. That is when I woke up into the spiritual world and my spiritual journey began.

I have been meditating  for 2,5 years and taken courses in “Meditation & Mindfulness”, “Spiritual Development”, “Spiritual Healing”, “AwareHeart Healing Education part 1” and “Tarot Readings”.

I have been trying out different types of meditation, but the one I find most exciting is the more active one, Visualisation Meditation. This is the type of meditation I have chosen to teach. I combine it with other types as well but the main ingredient is visualisation.  

The type of Healing I practise is a self combined and self developed type of work where I have chosen to use the energies from mother earth and the 4 elements and the energies that exist around us and throughout the universe. This is why I call it “Energy Healing”. I have been giving healing to clients for 2 years but not in a full time work. I am still learning to give healing and that is why I have a low price.

When it comes to tarot readings I am still very new to it for I have only been doing it since summer 2019. I don’t only do regular tarot readings, I also do intuition readings with other cards as well. Where my favorite one is, what I call them, color cards. ​The price for my readings are also low since I am still learning. 

As a person I am a thinker and very emotional with a deep sense of humour. I would describe myself as a leader and if there is something in life I really want, I sure as hell will make it happen. I have done a lot of wrongs in my life but that has given me the gift of change. Change is not something we should be afraid of. Change is something that we all should embrace! Since staying in the past hasn't gotten anyone anywhere, has it?