Ajeetdev Kaur Khalsa

Kundalini yoga teacher & psycho therapist

Ajeetdev Kaur Khalsa

Kundalini yoga teacher & psycho therapist

Formålet med Tinkuy er at aktiviteterne i huset hjælper medlemmerne til at mærke sig selv gennem bevægelse i krop, sind og ånd.

Ajeetdev Kaur Khalsa bidrager til dette formål ved at tilbyde undervisning. Du kan læse mere om Ajeetdevs undervisning til højre.

In Tinkuy I teach kundalini yoga.
I give access bars treatmens and offer somatic psychotherapy.
For kundalini yoga teaching is in Danish and English as needed.

My passion is to create spaces and facilitate growth, love and personal leadership.
I am certified Kundalini Yoga Practitioner with more than 600 hours of teacher training (KRI1 and KRI 2). I follow the professional and ethical code of conduct by KRI https://epsweb.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Code-of-Excellence-2016-newest.pdf. The teachings is never about the teacher. It is about you, the group and the yoga.

I hold courses within gurbani kirtan and chanting, 40 day seva sadhana program in the mother ashram in New Mexico and course in Aquarian Virtues and Values.
I hold advance studies in Somatic Psycho Therapy (organic psycho therapist from D.I.G.), Qoya - Femine Yoga Dance, Women’s Leadership and Visionary Coaching.

After a serious accident in 1998, I became paralysed in both legs and partly in upper body. At a point I turned this life event into an opportunity to grow and heal. Learned to use yoga and energy medicine to create sensations and movements in both legs and to walk on new. Over the years, I have made it my mission to show others the magic of soul connection and spiritual healing.

I love to share the teachings of kundalini yoga and facilitate processes of personal growth in groups and 1:1, love to travel, love to care. I do care.

They world can do with much more love and leadership. We all have opportunity to exercise this every day in our life.

Updates on coourses and events you most likely find at facebook All Is Support https://www.facebook.com/AllIsSupport 

Looking forward to meet you.

In Gratitude, Service & with Love,
Ajeetdev Kaur Khalsa

Phone / whatsapp: +4541412180
Email: Ajeetdev108@gmail.com