Tatsiana Rostved

Love Healing Nature Creative Heart Connection Atunement

Tatsiana Rostved

Love Healing Nature Creative Heart Connection Atunement

Formålet med Tinkuy er at aktiviteterne i huset hjælper medlemmerne til at mærke sig selv gennem bevægelse i krop, sind og ånd.

Tatsiana Rostved bidrager til dette formål ved at tilbyde undervisning. Du kan læse mere om Tatsianas undervisning til højre.

Dear Friends, I would like to share the gifts the Universe has generously bestowed upon me – with YOU, with the world.

The time and the moment have finally come

For me my fears, doubts and hesitations to overcome.

To hatch and spring out of my limiting egg, cocoon and shell –

To bring forward the healing and wisdom that will do you and me –

Both and all of us lots of good and well…


What I can and do promise:

Our (yours and mine) combined, united attention to YOU and your situation, need and longing – within all the services:

  • You, your body and soul will be held and given kind and loving attention to.
  • I see you for YOU… Not for what your family, colleagues and friends are trying to impose on you, whether consciously or unconsciously…

The services – treatments and teaching I lovingly offer:

  • REIKI – R*   -   60 min. reiki session including a healing-induced conversation before and after –    

400 DKK , 50% off for Tinkuy members


  • HEALING/RELAXATION MASSAGE – HM* - 90 min. healing massage including a healing-induced conversation before and after - 500 DKK, 50% off for Tinkuy members


  • PERSONAL COACHING – PC* - 60 min. session, where we identify your harmony, love, abundance, happiness, your highest dreams, desires and life purpose and make a plan for your growth and development along those lines – 600 DKK, 50% off for Tinkuy members


  • BODYFLEX Modified – B* - easy, short and efficient form of physical all system attunement/body activity to keep you fit, young and alert. Weight loss – if and when desired, visible rejuvenation/age reverse – when consciously focused on de-stress on all levels – can be by-products of the system – 60 - 90 min. training/teaching – 300 DKK, free for Tinkuy members


  • CONNECTING TO NATURE – 45 min. nature connection sessions – it is nothing you’ve done and known so far; your focus is shifted, and you are encouraged to feel it yourself… - 200 DKK , 50% off  for Tinkuy members - INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS


  • CREATIVE WRITING – POETRY AND PROSE – 45 min teaching/coaching session – INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS – 250 DKK, 50% off for Tinkuy members


  • All prices and times are prone to negotiation…- 5 sessions – give you a 10% discount


  • R   -   Reiki – is

Universal energy healing all, everything and everybody at any time and space/place – a beautiful, mild, loving universal energy – which is everywhere and permeating and penetrating everything and everyone – it tunes into the one receiving it and “does its thing”, so the healing takes place. This energy is intelligent and follows its and universal laws – so the healing happens along those lines.

  • HM   -   Healing massage –

a soft and mild full body massage where the receiver’s body relaxes and cooperates with the natural healing, releasing and relieving the tensions, letting the messages and communication from it, the body, reach the receiver’s conscious as well as unconscious awareness. The Soul communicates to you through this process too – remember that.


Both healing methods are very mild and can and will relieve pain and stress. They are not meant or promised as THE CURE for anything – but will help greatly with:


  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Uneasy night sleep – R and HM will induce calm and deep relaxation
  • Nervous breakdown
  • Physical and psychological pain and discomfort
  • Soul and heart longing and suffering of various kinds
  • Any and different kinds of muscle and/or any other kind of tensions
  • Unresolved (and sometimes seemingly unresolvable kinds of) conflicts, internal and external – just by sending the balancing universal energy healing – help and resolution are on their way…
  • Confusion in and about life and yourself – R and HM are starting and supporting deep internal processes – leading you out from the dark or dim into the light…
  • And “just” WELLBEING – that is something we will focus on - gently and strongly at the same time.

4 – 5 + sessions recommended: but even one is already a start and you can experience what regular sessions can do for you.

I repeat:

No promises, but encouragement to experience it and see for yourself – what is there to happen and to take place.

Listen to yourself and trust your feeling...

Kindly, let me know your interest and intention via a personal message – so we can schedule your healing sessions.

Tatsiana – stardustnebula@yahoo.com , sms to 29280277, find me and message me on Facebook:

@Tatsiana Shtykava Rostved     @Ubahalah

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Love and Light, Namaste


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