Calligrapher/Calligraphy Art Instructor


Calligrapher/Calligraphy Art Instructor

Formålet med Tinkuy er at aktiviteterne i huset hjælper medlemmerne til at mærke sig selv gennem bevægelse i krop, sind og ånd.

CHIAKI WATANABE bidrager til dette formål ved at tilbyde undervisning. Du kan læse mere om CHIAKIs undervisning til højre.

Calligrapher / Calligraphy art instructor
Calligraphy is a art form with a rich history through the centuries. Making calligraphy is
a meditative activity that involves one's energy and spirit that enhances well being across
ages. It is a tool to calm and focus your mind for positive development through practice.

I guide you to the world of calligraphy art combining traditional Japanese shodo
calligraphy and contemporary drawing techniques.

Offering both group sessions and private sessions.  Designing Teambuilding and retreat programs for corporations, private businesses and institutions.

Group sessions (max 10 people per session)

Private lessons (1:1 basis) : Tailor to individual's interests. Make a special arrangement to fit your schedule.  On site lessons (at your premises) available per request.


General :

(Group, Fridays & Saturdays) 400 kr per person
(Private 1:1) 1000 kr for 2hrs per session + material fee 100 kr per person
or  book 2 sessions, 800 kr per session for 1.5hrs x 2 

For Tinkuy members: 

(Tuesdays) 100 kr material fee per person
(Group, Weekends) 300 kr per person
(Private) 600 kr + material fee 100 kr per person

For Busineses: Ask for business team building and retreat programs up to 1-2 months in advance.

* Held in English (Danish and French if needed)

Sign up:
via mail:

*For Tinkuy members, sign up through 


Tokyo born calligraphy artist / designer with background in fine arts and media arts via New York where she worked as a designer in Media industry - Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. .  Her long term cross-cultural experience living in NYC has shaped her core aesthetic as a creator.  After living abroad for decades, she returned to her roots - Japanese Calligraphy / Shodo  - the art of writing. Now she offers calligraphy art lessons combining traditional and contemporary techniques to share her expertise with all ages internationally. Her artworks have been shown in galleries, museums, cultural institutions and festivals in US, Europe and Japan.

Besides my artistic practice, her interest lies in the therapeutic use of calligraphy art - how this art form can be used in a beneficial and mindful way.  Previously she conducted a research project - investigating emotional effects of audiovisual arts at Neuro science department, under Dr. R. Llinás of New York University School of Medicine with NY State Media Art grants in NY, USA. 

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