(CAFE) Soap Making workshop

Tidspunkt: 12. Jan., kl 10:00
Varighed: 150 minutter
Tovholder: Ruben

If you are interested in making beautiful soaps from natural ingredients then this workshop is for you.
Saturday kl.10-13
Using the traditional method of soap making and with a hands on practical approach you will take soap home with you.
All the soaps we make are Organic certified, Palm Oil Free and Vegan Friendly.

- Introduction, brief history and basic chemistry of soap making
- Oils and their properties
- Essential oil basics
- How to use a soap calculator to formulate your own recipes.

The outcomes of this workshop are that:
- You can take with you an organic soap.
- You will be able to make your own handsoap at home.
- You will obtain a recipe manual to prepare soaps.

About the teacher:
Ruben is a spanish biologist. He has fun producing cosmetics and experimenting with different ingredients.

If you have at home a silicone molde (even from the kitchen), you are welcome to bring it. Otherwise, we will reuse 1 empty tetrabrik (juice/milk package), you can bring it from home.

To sign up, please write to rubenbiolec@gmail.com or send a mobilepay to +45 52785933
Price: 120dkk for Tinkuy members / 220 dkk for non-members
Maximum = 15 participants

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