Tidspunkt: 22. May., kl 17:00
Varighed: 75 minutter
Tovholder: Cintia


It is a precision training that combines strength and flexibility, breathing and mental control.

The mind-body connection that occurs through breathing during class will take you to a state of well-being and relaxation.

It will give you incredible body awareness, which will allow you to correct harmful postural habits that generate tension and discomfort in your body.

As you progress through the method, new challenges will appear that will stimulate your balance and coordination, as well as the strength of the whole body.

Each exercise can be modified according to your needs and objectives, adapting to people of any age and physical condition.

• Classes in English or Spanish depending on the participants.

• Price
100dkk for Tinkuy members
200dkk for Tinkuy non-members
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