Mindful body training (DeROSE Method)

Tidspunkt: 27. May., kl 11:00
Varighed: 75 minutter
Tovholder: Estefanía

What is the DeROSE Method?
An instrument of transformation of the world. The DeROSE Method is a complete program to increase vitality, manage stress and promote the ability to focus. It has existed since 1960 and is currently found in different countries in the Americas and Europe. Its application generates increased productivity and high performance, through the application of technical and behavioral tools. Meditation, mindfulness, good human relationships, good nutrition, emotional intelligence are some of the concepts and techniques used, which encourage the development of various power skills. This allows the practitioner to maximize his potential and exploit it widely, contributing to making him a winner. With this change in behavior, the individual positively impacts the people around him, promoting, on a large scale, an improvement in society. More info: https://derosemethod.org/

In this training you will explore isometric bodily techniques, each exercise will be executed only once, staying as long as possible. In this way the muscles don't get stressed, and it gains strength without losing flexibility. This type of training works the muscles, the joints and the circulatory and endocrine systems. You will workout on physical, mental and emotional Resistance, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Body Awareness. The class will end with a deep relaxation.
[ Suitable for beginners. Wear comfortable sports clothing. ]

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My name is Estefanía Herold, I'm a certified DeROSE Method instructor. I have been practicing this philosophy since 2015. Teaching it is my profession, mission and passion.
Instagram: @estefania.herold
Phone: +45 9162 5250

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