Physical training (DeROSE Method)

Tidspunkt: 26. Nov., kl 11:00
Varighed: 75 minutter
Tovholder: Estefanía Herold

ENTRENAMIENTO DE TÉCNICAS CORPORALES: FUERZA, FLEXIBILIDAD, EQUILIBRIO, CONCIENCIA CORPORAL Y RELAJACIÓN. Utilizamos técnicas isométricas, cada ejercicio se ejecuta una sola vez y se sostiene el mayor tiempo posible. De esta manera, los músculos no se estresan y ganan tonicidad sin comprometer la flexibilidad. Este tipo de entrenamiento actúa sobre los músculos, las articulaciones, el sistema circulatorio y endócrino. Algunas técnicas son desafiantes, otras menos, pero todo se adapta a las posibilidades de cada persona. La clase finaliza con una técnica de descontracción y relajación profunda. La clase será en inglés y español. La metodología utilizada es: Método DeROSE

BODILY TECHNIQUES TRAINING: STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, BALANCE, BODY AWARENESS AND RELAXATION. We use isometric techniques, each exercise is repeated only once, remaining as long as possible. In this way the muscles don't get stressed, and it gains strength without losing flexibility. This type of training works the muscles, the joints and the circulatory and endocrine systems. Some of the techniques are challenging, others are calmer, but everything is adapted to the possibilities of each person. The class ends with a deep relaxation. Class taught in English and Spanish. The methodology used is: DeROSE Method

_What is DeROSE Method?______________________________________
An instrument of transformation of the world. The DeRose Method is a complete program to increase vitality, manage stress and promote the ability to focus. It has existed since 1960 and is currently found in different countries in the Americas and Europe. Its application generates increased productivity and high performance, through the application of technical and behavioral tools. Meditation, mindfulness, good human relationships, good nutrition, emotional intelligence are some of the concepts and techniques used, which encourage the development of various power skills. This allows the practitioner to maximize his potential and exploit it widely, contributing to making him a winner. With this change in behavior, the individual positively impacts the people around him, promoting, on a large scale, an improvement in society. https://derosemethod.org/

Per class: DKK 100 Tinkuy members / DKK 200 for non-Tinkuy members.
Per month, only for members: 4 classes DKK 350, 5 classes DKK 440, 8 classes DKK 700, 10 classes DKK 875, 12 classes DKK 1050, 13 classes DKK 1137.
Cash upon entry or MobilePay (91625250)

My name is Estefanía Herold, I'm a certified DeROSE Method instructor. I have been practicing this philosophy since 2015. Teaching it is my profession, mission and passion.
Instagram: @estefania.herold
Phone: +45 9162 5250

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