The power of Self Love

Tidspunkt: 24. Sep., kl 16:00
Varighed: 120 minutter
Tovholder: Alexandru

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Self Love is one of my life lessons and I am continuously finding new ways to love myself and others, because only when we overflow with Love we can truly Love the others. I invite you to a two hours session for refilling the tank of Self Love in our Hearts <3
There are 5 languages of Love as per Gary Chapman and we will experiment them all and discover which one is nourishing us the most.
This is a Vital Development workshop and all the gratitude goes to Patricia Martello and Marcelo Di Mateo for their teachings, mentorship and unconditional Love.
We will move, we will hear music, we will share, we will talk and we will move step by step in the Heart Space where everything is possible.

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