Meditation, Breathwork & Movement (DeRose Method)

Tidspunkt: 27. Jul., kl 18:00
Varighed: 65 minutter
Tovholder: Estefanía Herold

This class is a fusion of techniques: mindfulness, breathing, vital organs health, body awareness, relaxation and meditation. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

> Explore and optimize your breathing process through challenges that will shift your well-being.

> Develop a solid foundation of breathing, self-awareness, relaxation, and focus so you can improve your meditation experience. Manage stress, sharpen your focus, and silence your mind.

> Develop body awareness through physical techniques that challenge your strength, balance and flexibility, exploring it with mindful breathing, and building a mindful body through strength and movement.

Please come with comfortable clothes for moving freely. If you have any physical injury let me know before the class starts. [CLASS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH & SPANISH]

100 DKK Tinkuy members
200 DKK non- Tinkuy members
(Cash upon entry or MobilePay)

Estefanía Herold
DeROSE Method instructor
Phone: +45 91 62 52 50

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