MYM (Microdosing - Yoga - Meditation) - in workshop room

Tidspunkt: 18. May., kl 17:30
Varighed: 120 minutter
Tovholder: rasmus

The art and therapy Collective - Wake - is hosting a new initiative, where we will host a line of yoga sessions specifically for people on a microdosing protocol. It can sometimes be hard to "find the others" and we wish to do so in a healthy way.
You are naturally more than welcome, even if you are NOT microdosing.

MYM: We work with silence, soundjourneys, meditation and yoga, and will end the session with a small group sharing circle with tea and snacks (and perhaps a meal for participants). We have professional body/psycho therapists available in our circles, for anybody in need of digging into deeper processes in life.
People participating pay a total price of 4-600dkr for 5 sessions.
It is a new concept we are testing so please reach out to participate, and then it would be half price for Tinkuy members. Either for the full 5 sessions (2-300dkr) or half pr session (50-60dkr).

Please reach out to https://www.facebook.com/wakecollective/ for a spot <3