How to Discover Magic in Life and Reach Higher Levels of Consciousness

Tidspunkt: 6. May., kl 16:00
Varighed: 150 minutter
Tovholder: Sophia

Open Lecture/Seminar "How to Discover Magic in Life and Reach Higher Levels of Consciousness"
.... without new agey woo-woo stuff and gurus

Admission fee: donations are welcome

Duration: ~2hours

Here are some topics that will be covered during the seminar:
- Visual model of the point of here and now
- Map to the Higher Levels Of Consciousness according to spiritual science Infosomatics
- How human brain activity creates what you experience in life
- How human aura is created and what keeps it in balance
- Languages you can use to communicate with the higher levels of consciousness
- "Pineal Gland" activation exercise/meditation
- and much more...

* exclusive experience of the frequency from Bosnian pyramids.

You can learn more about the host by following the link:

The number of participants is limited so PM for registration. Feel free to reach out with related questions and see you at the event! https://fb.me/e/2oz3yNrDS


P.S. There will also be a more practical workshop "Spas Level-1, AuraVision" On the 7th of May more details here: https://lifescriptdoctor.com/auravision-copenhagen/