Reconnective Hatha Yoga w/ Marcello (on Zoom too)

Tidspunkt: 6. Sep., kl 17:30
Varighed: 111 minutter
Tovholder: Marcello

Reconnective Hatha Yoga is 111 minutes of traditional yoga using postures, breathing exercises and meditation to gently melt away physical and mental stress, this helps to cultivate a quieter mind and more Self-Love. The classes begin and end with meditation.
Cost: 120kr for Non-Tinkuy members (Tinkuy Members is 60 kr). On Zoom, here is the link:
Mondays 17:30
If you want to join on Zoom, contact me for the link on Facebook, or an sms to +4553184749 or email to: info@marcelloreal.com
See more at www.marcelloreal.com