Meningsdannende møde - Cacao Ceremony

Tidspunkt: 8. May., kl 14:00
Varighed: 500 minutter
Tovholder: Asger

Heart opening and creativity boosting ceremony for raising our energies.
We’re going to be doing meditations, supportive non-fixing healing and for those interested, a clairvoyant reading.
A ceremonial dose of cacao is 42grams and it’s best to not eat two hours before the ceremony.

Please arrive on time and stay until the end of the ceremony so we can create a calm time without interruptions. Also turn off your phone and any electronic gadgets during the ceremony.
Other than that, it's a quite open and joyful ceremony.
It can make it more powerful to set an intention for the ceremony.

I’m using Keith’s Cacao which I find has the highest and most opening effects I’ve tried. Keith was the one who started the concept of cacao ceremonies and now the idea has spread all over the world. You can read a bit about the background of the cacao and concept of non-fixing here: @keithscacao or keithscacao.com.

The ceremony will be held in English but I can translate to Danish and Spanish if needed.
The price of the ceremony is 220kr (110kr for Tinkuy members).

It’s taking place in the workshop room in Tinkuy.

Please confirm your participation by sending 110kr on Mobilepay to 5190 1950 and write me a message on email or fb.
You can get a full refund 48 hours before, but please let me know if you’re not coming so someone else can get your place.
I'm going to bring a couple of blocks of cacao you can buy for 350kr at the ceremony if you feel called to it.
I also have a 5% discount link if you prefer to buy it online:

Here's a link to the event on facebook: https://fb.me/e/1mWBUGzaO