-Aflyst men MOVED to next week, MONDAY 28 sep. "From CONFUSION to CLARITY"- Your inner Mandalas for self Empowerment Lifejoy

Tidspunkt: 24. Sep., kl 18:00
Varighed: 120 minutter
Tovholder: Gaia Martina

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Empowering yourself with the creative force of mandalas.
Personal and collective empowerment
are the keywords

Find your inner structure, in harmony with the unicity of who you are.Find your inner clarity,Unfold playfulness and lifejoy

Come join this Mandalic workshop

and empower yourself with the creative force of mandalas!

In this workshop you will come in contact with a high vibrating part of you that maybe you have never known was there before.
Mandalas are natural codes first of all, hence they already belong us...

but redescovering them within us... that is what the journey is about!
This workshop is not about understanding mandala geometry from a mental perspective. It is about stepping into the experience of it with all of you, feeling it and absorbing mandalic codes into your consciousness from that level, by the power of your meditative creativity. From that intimate connection, your consciousness will tell you what information the mandala carries.

 You can call it alchemy:

I find this process of mandala drawing for mind clarity very transformative for inner cluttered energies and for the surroundings that we then manifest. 

Through the action of mandala drawing we can bring more easyness, clarity and lightness into everyday life.

Getting in contact with harmonic mandala frequency by the power of your hand is something unique and extremely powerful for most people.

It brings about a process of alignment with our natural being and inner truth, and our mind and heart harmonize together,
and it kickstarts our creative center where most of our lifeforce resides...

and so helps out our most incredible "human power blooming". .

This live exploration with the subtle dimension of mandalic natural patterns can be extraordinarly uplifting and empowering for you in relation to the world.  
You get inspired and activated by a special mandala frequency: I personally work with the "Seed of LIfe" pattern as a starting point since I experience it as an activator of "creation frequency"... but then you find your own mandalic frequency...So in case you don't already own it, then you will be guided and learn how to do that in different ways.   
I use mandala structures for briging harmony, healthy inner structure and lightness to help transform heavyness in my life. You can try that too!Practically speaking:
I bring materials: tools for geometrical drawing, a few mandala stencils, paper, pencil colors, markers, oil chock (oliekrit), but if you have special materials you like to work on or special types of colors you like to work with you are of course welcome to bring it along.And if you have special geometrical tools you can bring that along too. 

option 1, standard pricing:
180 kr if you are member of Tinkuy
280 kr. if you are not member of Tinkuy

option 2, "heart economy":
After as the workshop ends you pay the price according to the value that the workshop has been worth for you
If you want to partecipate:For signing up please send me a "mandala workshop" sms on 42440948 You can also write me an email on gaiabigatti@gmail.com or call me (but for signing up use preferably sms). 
About me:
My name is Gaia, I am a therapist, socio-anthropologist, artist and I am into the development of what can be called "heart pedagogy" and I train that daily toward myself and others. I have been working with meditative creativity, exploring sacred geometry for a long time, connecting ever more with natural frequencies.I even work with  3 dimensional mandala creations, and have developed my "meditative creative skills" in mandala garden design and manifacture. I use mandala structures for briging harmony and lightness there where I feel heavyness. I have been developing in my own way of connecting with mandalic frequencies and their natural codes, which are and have always been inside of myself just as they are inside of each of us.

I use them at all levels, for bringing clarity and harmonic structure in myself and those areas of my life that are caotic or heavy. I even use them to harmonise myself with my "to dos list" and finding clarity about my real priorities and centereing my personal focus and attention.From my experience I can tell that such mandalic processes have been empowering myself and others.