Morning meditation

Tidspunkt: 13. Feb., kl 07:00
Varighed: 40 minutter
Tovholder: Johan Tino

The mindchitta or "inklings of the mind" shows themselves as thoughts and our restless search for meaning, aleviating stress, gratifications etc.

Being with and facing the inklings of the mind is a challenge that is well worth the effort and prolonged commitment. Joy, bliss and a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation of the wonder of existence is the fruits you will harvest.

In this weekly morning activity we cultivate the ground and enjoy the fruit of this garden. The form of meditation used is vipassana meditation where no verbal instructions is used. We start and end with 3xOM.

Everyone is welcome and no prior experience to meditation is needed. If you arrive after we have started (which you are welcome to do) just find a pillow, a blanket and what you else need to sit comfortably and join in.


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