Tinkuy Fight Club

Tidspunkt: 11. Feb., kl 19:00
Varighed: 90 minutter
Tovholder: Kim

Welcome to Tinkuy Fightclub!

Get out of your mind. And into your senses.

Design your own fight, where you have the opportunity to be the strongest in the group & kick ass! Or maybe you want to be held down by a force greater than you and experience the thrill of break-through?

Tinkuy Fight Club is a workshop in between play fight, impro and physical contact. It is the goal to open up the imagination and senses through movement and play and getting your pulse up while having fun.

Thourgh my work as both artist and psychotherapist, I tend to work more and more towards play and activation of the body. A way to activate the body and senses, and forget the ever-thinking mind for a bit is to have fun or fight. Those two combined can be very freeing.

Write me an sms if you come (61102244). Bring a friend (free the first time).

Entre: Kr. 100 - Fri entre for Tinkuy medlemmer