"Open Space" - Healing and Mediation for Body, Mind and Spirit!

Tidspunkt: 15. Sep., kl 11:00
Varighed: 150 minutter
Tovholder: KaReena

Please join in for the first open healing and meditation Sunday!

This is a new format where I wish to introduce and share healing forms stretching from mediation to sound healing, soul journey and hands-on healing (body work).
Focus will be both on group and individual healing. The day will start with a guided meditation - quiet time - sound-healing and then individual work.
It is ok to leave after the first part if you are not interested in the individual work.

I have facilitated Lunar ceremonies since November last year in Tinkuy and feel the time is right to deepen and share more of my work in Tinkuy.

It is free of charge for all members of Tinkuy and a beautiful way to see if this is something that might be calling you! For non-member there will be a suggested donation.

For more information about me and my work: www.sacredceremonies.dk

With much love and light