Tidspunkt: 13. Sep., kl 19:00
Varighed: 90 minutter
Tovholder: KaReena

Magical month of September!

A month of re-birth, of re-writing our-selves and our missions. The month is, by some, seen as the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning point of the Age of Aquarius culminating through clearing our-selves and by clarifying our goals building up to the FULL MOON on September 13/14th.

We started this lunar cycle with New Moon Ceremony on August 30th - birthing the New Earth in VIRGO (Divine Mother). It (New Moon in Virgo) is described by the Arcturians as “the opening within the body to the New Earth”. “..The purity of LOVE as THE birth-point for ALL new life is what this moment, this moon cycle, this month and the remainder of this season is about and for” (ref. ).

If ever there was a moment and period to tune into each of our divine “I AM PRESENCE” - that moment is now. I encourage all and everyone to create the space to listen to that calling for attention inside of you.

Ceremonies - like new moon and full moon ceremonies - can assist us greatly through:
Recognizing and remembering each our individual song connects us to our soul and the soul’s purpose.
Sacred ceremonies is a way to (re)connect to nature, to the universe(s) and to one’s soul. The ceremonies function as a bridge between the world of the mundane and the one of infinite spirit in which it becomes possible to transcend the physical opening our hearts, minds and body to align with deeper and higher consciousness.
Sacred circles, like Moon circles or Solstices and Equinox celebrations, are ways to tune into the seasons and cycles of the year.
Sacred circles assists us in moving deeper, forward, releasing and/or seeding of the new – a celebration of where we have been up to now – listening to where we need to go – and allowing the mystery of the unknown to vibrate in the gap between the two. (ref. KaReena – sacredceremonies.dk)

None of this comes falling in our turbans without us doing the inner work. We all have to set intentions and to make choices. May our intentions and choices be of DIVINE LOVE for our-selves and for all life forms on our Blue Planet for this coming Full Moon and the reminder of this year .

Ceremony is free for all Tinkuy members. Price for all non-members: 100 kr.
For more information about me and my work: www.sacredceremonies.dk