Surrendered Leadership - Using art as a practice of surrender

Tidspunkt: 11. Aug., kl 15:00
Varighed: 120 minutter
Tovholder: Nomi

Learn to surrender into the unknown, let go of control and trust the creative impulses in the present moment.

I will teach my abstract drawing process step by step to participants and guide them into a state of surrendered leadership where everything and nothing happens at the same time. Participants will learn how to continuously be in a state of surrender while taking inspired actions with a pen on paper. As a result they will learn how to surprise themselves and others with their creative expressions. And maybe get closer to their unique and personal style of self expression.

We will make connections and draw parallels into our lives and investigate how the process of surrendered leadership that we learn on a piece of paper also can be practiced in relationships, everyday life situations and in life itself.

What happens if we live our life in a state of surrendered leadership and trust the creative impulses in the present moment. What new and surprising things and relationships can arise from this way of being and what does it require from us?

This workshop will hopefully provide some answers and insights to every participant about their barriers and opportunities in relation to surrendered leadership - on paper and off paper.

No drawing or artistic experience is needed in order to participate. The less you know about art and drawing the better it is. A beginners mind usually has the best chances of really understanding and receiving the process. Everybody can learn this process and find their own individual style and expression as a result of knowing and learning surrendered leadership.

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2 free spots for complete members of Tinkuy

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