The Secret Mysteries of Cleopatra's Milk and Cacao Dance Party

Tidspunkt: 10. Aug., kl 15:00
Varighed: 470 minutter
Tovholder: Jakob Ulrik

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This event consists of 2 separate parts,
So feel free to come to both or one or the other.

15:00 - 18:00
Talk about the substance Mufkuzt "MFKZT", its origin, history and benefits followed by a deep experiential meditation

18:30 - 10:30
Ceremonial Cacao Dance,

If there is a substance that will have a major impact on the development of consciousness, this might very well be it.

We are only using a fraction of our brain capacity and the MKFZT, can be a key to activate essential parts of the body, such as the endocrine system and the pineal gland in particular.

The process of opening to the advanced technology that is in this avatar, is profoundly improved with this unique supplement. We come together this evening, to share our experience and what we have discovered.

Having been immersed in the study of this subject through esoteric alchemy, the shamanic and mystical aspect of the matter has pointed to this substance as the philosophers stone. Considering the symbolic nature of the MFKZT with several spiritual alchemist around the planet, it appears to be a strong possibility.

Also, having deepened in the knowledge of body anatomy, health and nutrition for many years, it is clear that the synergy generated with the components of this substance reveals itself as an excellent life-prolonging medicine, highly relevant to our time.

18:30 - 10:30
Ceremonial Cacao Dance,
A space of relating with eacother, celebration of life, music and dance.

The Cacao ceremony Will be led by Andreas who have many years of experience guiding Cacao circles. The Ceremony and celebration will be accompanied by music from Nature tales, Jakob Ulrik Ahlers (yes we are so lucky that he could find the time to be with us and shower us with his exquisite soundscapes)

This is a chance for you to experience some of the most knowlegable and warmhearted being.

❤️Price 250kr. (it is possible too, to only join the cacao ceremony or only the talk )
Half price for Tinkuy members.

🙏 Mobil pay 20941416, please write in tekst "10th of august"

Email Pernillefristrup@gmail.com for sign up and questions.

About the Facilitators:

🌸Kadesh Aviv Orin-

Initiate of the path.
A devoted meditator for more than 2 decades.
Kadesh is working as an Somatic PsychoTherapist, TaoTantric practitioner and a Sexual Surrogate for over 18 years, combining BioEnergetic & Massage Therapy methods, Lucid Dreaming and Meditation.
Kadesh has developed a method called; Holistic PsychoSexualTherapy, and is teaching it. As well as coaching for Sacred Union, Intersexual Dynamics, Conscious Movement, Nutrition & Herbalism and Natural Wild Living & Joy. As well as giving esoteric transmissions of the Universal Wisdom/s, including; Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah, Vedas, Tao, Mayan Calendars, Shamanism, magic, atc'... ❤ with wild love

🌈Andres Dreki Rusnes-

Andreas had his first insight to the world of cacao in Denmark with Keith Wilson. The man, referred to as the Cacao Shaman. First cup of cacao opened his heart to an extend that, now there was no going anywhere but to the source. So he traveled into the wild jungle of Guatemala with a native, deeply rooted in the mayan tradition. To meet the spirit of the cacao in it's natural habitat. This journey started in 2013, and as he went back several times. Enought knowlegde and experience had accumulated to finally bring this to the people of the north. He cultivated a cacao tribe in Iceland over these 5 years and has been offering ceremonies all over the world since.
Now, it is a medicine that has found it's way into the world of temple arts. Which is were he now has been serving this medince.

🐬Nature Tales- Jakob Ulrik Ahlers

"Journeys to Your Nature"
A community, connecting people with their own Nature’s.
Through various practises awakening the body, fused with live music, the mind naturally quiets down and leaves space
for the simple presence - the now.
We create chill out spaces with modern body centred experiences and tools like Sound Baths, Yoga and free dance.
By breathing, moving, meditating, studying, eating, cooking & cleaning together we feel the unity of being humans alone and together.
Nature Tales productions are based in Denmark, Copenhagen

🌙About Cacao:
Cacao Theobroma (Theo) meaning 'God' (Broma) meaning 'food of'. Coming together as 'Food of the Gods'.
This was a way that the Europeans perceived, the Aztecs relationship to this plant.
Although the Mayans holds another deeper mystery around this medicine.
It is well know, what a potent nutritional complexity cacao carries. Being the substance on the planet with the highest amount of magnesium (de-stressing/muscule relaxant). It also carries very particular neurotransmitters. Anandamide is an interesting one. Explained as expanding our perception of time and space.
We will, in the intro, dive deep into the whole history and reseach around this amazing medicine.
Most importantly to note abiut cacao is the ability it has to flush the heart. Which is a very strong experience for some that have had the main tube of the heart clogged. Also it is the most 'stabalising blood pressure' substance.
There are many miracles to the cacao.
This food has been engaged with differently in the different traditions. And through this evening, you will get an insight into the journey of the cacao spirit as it has co-merged with humans.

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