YIN Yoga + Yoga Nidra w/ zekoyoga

Tidspunkt: 8. Aug., kl 17:15
Varighed: 90 minutter
Tovholder: Zerina

60 min yin yoga + 30 min yoga nidra

Yin yoga with a meditative approach. High focus on breathing and turning our focus inward. Poses are held between 3-6 minutes.

There is an option to stay for 60 min yin practice and then opt to leave if you need to, or stay for the yoga nidra.

Yoga nidra is a sleep based meditation with high focus on breath work and different mindfulness practice. You get a very deep rest and rejuvenate the body. Some call it the yogi´s sleep. You alternate between delta, alpha, theta and beta brainwaves, as if you´re sleeping. In this way your body gets the rest it needs.

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