Voice Yoga

Tidspunkt: 11. Sep., kl 17:00
Varighed: 90 minutter
Tovholder: Runi

Voice Yoga

Welcome to a yoga class facilitating voice release through
Nada Yoga and Vocal soundtherapy.

The program consists of asanas (yoga postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and singing exercises from different Nada Yoga traditions and the international vocal soundtherapy education with Githa Ben David ”the Note from Heaven”.

Positive sideeffects :
- Finding your own true voice
- Getting a powerful speaking voice
- Becoming better at singing
- Musical ear training and learning different scales
- Physical grounding
- Deep relaxation
- Activation of the vagus nerve and restoration on the cellular level
- You may experience selfhealing when connecting deeply with your own sound

The class will be in english and danish as needed. Bring loose clothes and a waterbottle.

Place: Tinkuy, Badstuestræde 13, Copenhagen
Time: Wednesdays at 17:00 – 19:00 

(Last 10 min are for sharing, you may leave if you wish)

Free for members of Tinkuy. You can just show up, but if class is full, registrated participants have priority.
Registration through website tinkuy.dk

Non-members - 1 time for free, registration needed through sms/mail

Mobile: 6 12 7 12 12
Mail: runigindesgaard@gmail.com

Runi Gindesgaard:
Vocal soundtherapist from the international education in vocal sound therapy with Githa Ben David, ”the Note from Heaven”
(Vokal lydterapeut)

Group facilitator, voice coach and consultant in creativity and music from the University of Aarhus
(Voksenvejleder og pædagogisk konsulent med musik/krativitet som speciale).

Musician and musicteacher for 22 years. I play silverflute, piano, guitar, bass, percussion, electronics, voice/body percussion and sing.

I have been practicing and studying music, nada yoga, pranayamas and selfhealing with sound for 26 years. With intensive periods living in different ashrams for several years and studying with different teachers.
I am very grateful for the insights and guidence gained from many different teachers in sound and yoga. Among others: Githa Ben David, Emmanuel Abdul Rahim, Lone Frederiksen, Mads johansen, Kerstin Thiele, Lotte Toftemark, Helge Drenck, Tahir Shaherjee, Sita, Roop Verma.

I offer workshops in selfhealing with sound and private sessions in voice therapy, vocal soundhealing, massage and musical coaching (helping you on your musical path with whatever you need. Instrument practice, Songwriting, producing etc.)

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