Pranayama - åndedrætskontrol /med Omkari (minimum one booking)

Tidspunkt: 16. May., kl 14:30
Varighed: 30 minutter
Tovholder: Omkari

Prana is the life force energy. By controlling the breath we can control the prana and and our thoughtprocesses. Pranayama raises your physical energy level and same time calms down and balances your mind.
In this short class we focus on two breathing exercises:
Kapalabhati which is actually a cleansing and strengthening exercise for the whole respiratory system. We do series of forceful exhalations and passive inhalations followed by longer breath retentions.
Anuloma Viloma is a major pranayama where we breath controlled through one nostril at the time mixed with retentions. This balances the activity between the two brainhemispheres - the active and passive sides or the Sun and Moon energies /male and female. Anuloma viloma also purifies your nadis and gradually gives space for the kundalini to rise.
It is recommended to do at least a bit of pranayama every day as it is a very powerful method of balancing out the mind and obtaining healthy breathing habits. In the average lifestyle we are too busy and too focused on the external world so we never fully exhale which means we are recycling stale air and not getting the necessary nutrients into the blood and brain. This tendency will disappear with a stable pranayama practice.
If you are new to the pranayama, you are always welcome to get in touch with Omkari before you join the class.

It is a good idea to combine this class with the following hatha yoga class.

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