YIN Yoga + Yoga Nidra w/ zekoyoga

Tidspunkt: 9. Sep., kl 08:00
Varighed: 90 minutter
Tovholder: Zerina

60 min yin yoga + 30 min yoga nidra

Wake the body up from a long night sleep, and start the day with a refreshed mind.
Yin yoga with a meditative approach.
We start off gently and then awaken the body towards the end so that you´re ready to start your day awake and alive!
There is an option to stay for 60 min yin practice and then opt to leave if you need to, or stay for the yoga nidra.

Yoga nidra is a sleep based meditation with high focus on breath work and different mindfulness practice. You get a very deep rest and rejuvenate the body. Some call it the yogi´s sleep. You alternate between delta, alpha, theta and beta brainwaves, as if you´re sleeping. In this way your body gets the rest it needs.

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