Sivananda Hatha yoga w/Julie

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SIVANANDA HATHA YOGA - asanas, the physical practice

Sivananda yoga is traditional, classical hatha yoga focusing on strength, balance and flexibility. Through detailed, disciplined practice we strive to master the 12 basic postures which stimulate spine and digestive organs. Along with our breathing habits these two are the main influences on general health and life length. The postures prevent and heal many life style diseases and possible imbalances as metabolism, immune system, allergies and inflammations but also stress, depression, anxiety etc.

In the Sivananda style of yoga we value discipline and patience which keeps the structure of the class relatively set but always with room for variations. We challenge ourselves to stay longer and to go deeper into each posture to get the maximum benefit.

Between each exercise we do savasana to prevent lactic acid build up and fatigue. This also brings more flexibillity to our muscles. So even with lots of energy invested in the class, you will always leave feeling energized and stronger. Savasana and rest is encouraged according to your body's need throughout the class.

By repeating the same structure in every class you will soon find yourself comfortable enough to meditate in each posture which is the ultimate goal in this tradition

Sivananda yoga is suitable for most people because there are variations in each posture to match any bodytype. Please feel free to consult the teacher on any doubts.

It is encouraged to combine this class with the short pranayama class scheduled alongside.

Julie has been living, studying and teaching in the Sivananda Ashrams in the Southern part of India for the past three years. Classes will be taught in English.
Minimum one booking otherwise cancelation 2 hours prior to class.

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