Yin Yoga

Tidspunkt: 16. May., kl 17:15
Varighed: 90 minutter
Tovholder: Anna

16th and 23d of May I’m substituting Tessa and in the best tradition of yummy yin yoga I will share with you an absolutely delicious and eye opening sequence based on The Infant Series as taught by an American yin yoga teacher, Paul Grilley.
The Infant Series it’s an invitation to meet your infant self and walk again all the steps from lying in the cradle to being able to walk. The primary focus of this practice is to work the spine in a very gentle and unforced manner and to strengthen the muscles than we need to support a healthy core.
The class will start with savasana and end with walking meditation.
Come and join me for the playful and joyful Infant Series!

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