Facilitation Practice Circle III.- Handle challenging participant behavior smoothly. (In The Cafe)

Tidspunkt: 13. May., kl 16:30
Varighed: 120 minutter
Tovholder: Viktor

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TOPIC OF THE DAY: Handle challenging participant behavior smoothly.
Whether you are a yoga teacher, business person or parent you will need the skills to effectively guide people towards their dreams. This is what the Facilitation Practice Circle is all about.

At each Facilitation Practice Circle, you will learn essential tools for running workshops and practice them safely in a small group setting. The techniques you will learn can be building blocks for developing your own facilitation style.

This workshop focuses on handling challenging participant behaviors.
You will learn:
-Mindset of a "nice and effective" facilitator
-Tricks to quickly and smoothly handle challenging behaviors
-Practice: An easy to use communication pattern to have your workshop sailing smoothly.

This is a co-creative learning environment where all of the participants are free to share their insights and support each other with constructive reflections.

The level of teaching is for beginner and intermediate facilitators.

Join and become a better facilitator, step by step.
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THE TRAINER: Viktor Beregszászi - trainer, storyteller and imagination facilitator. I help groups flourish through science, creativity and play. Built on my theatre practice, years of experience leading workshops in the corporate world, and cutting-edge scientific research, I support organisations through my initiative, Innovation Haven. https://innovationhaven.com/
Free for Tinkuy members, 50 DKK for guests. Workshop place is in the basement cafe.
Topic of the next circle:
- Most likely, How to create effective workshop agendas fast.