SOLD OUT An evening with Breathwork master Dan Brulé (CAFE)

Tidspunkt: 15. Apr., kl 17:30
Varighed: 210 minutter
Tovholder: Elizabeth

The world-renowned pioneer of breathwork, Dan Brulé, will be in Denmark for the first time in April and I'm honored to host and co-facilitate this event with him at Tinkuy.

Dan is the author of “Just Breathe”, the simple but revolutionary guide that reveals the truths about how breathing techniques can modify your state of well-being. It is based on his 40 years dedicated to studying, researching, practicing, professing and teaching more than 150,000 people around the world.

So why breathe consciously when we already breathe automatically?
Breathing is a bridge between what's conscious and deliberate, and what's automatic and unconscious. A direct link to our autonomic nervous system, the ancient part of our brain. Through breath, we can make changes to our physiological levels. This puts power into our hands. A force for health, growth, and change. Breathwork is a way to manage emotions, physiology, and control our behavior. When we breathe consciously we are getting a handle of our awareness which sets us above all other life forms. The more aware I am of my breath the more aware I am of my reactions and my effects on others.

In this event, Dan will share with us how breathwork can change the way we breathe, the way we live, the way we LOVE! Explore the teachings and experiential flow of how breath can support your healing process in self-love and relationships both personally and professionally. It also improves health and increases enjoyment in everyday life - a new way of being with yourself and others, all in the hidden power of Breath.

We will start with an introduction that will give us new insights and experiences with our own breath. You will then be guided through a deep breathwork session and have time in the end for integration, sharing, and reflections.

"The power of the breath is staggering. We learned how to use breath to activate our central nervous system to purge limiting beliefs, trauma, and stress. Then we connected to our soothing breath to restore balance, joy, and gratitude. My body was buzzing and shaking and grief pent up for decades poured out... Images and words from my life poured through me. I was left with two main takeaways: I don’t have anything to prove ... and I am home." Testimonial from a group session with Dan Brulé, March 2019

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Monday April 15, 2019, 5.30pm- 9pm
Come in comfortable clothes. Your favorite pillow to sit on and a blanket is optional. Some blankets and pillows are also available at Tinkuy. You are also welcome to bring an eye pillow or mask.

For questions contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@hellobreathing.com or text to +45 22777844.