Self-awareness through conscious relation

Tidspunkt: 19. Apr., kl 10:00
Varighed: 540 minutter
Tovholder: Diane

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This workshop is an Easter egg filled with possibilities for increased self-awareness through conscious connection. The theme for the days is the energetic difference between you, me and us and how to connect and relate from our separate worlds with radical empathy. The workshop will help you improve your ability to connect with others from a place of awareness, presence and alignment.

We will host two full days and you are free to participate in either or both.

The first day the focus is on the relational difference between communication objective and subjective, assumptions versus owning your experience, and we will take a deep dive into embodied difference between yes and no.

On the second day we deep dive into the universe of pleasure and consent looking at the elements in giving and taking and how to take responsibility for our own pleasure within consent of others, leading us to be able to express our self with more clarity from a place of radical empathy towards others.

Both days will hold elements from Authentic relation games, wheel of consent and Circling. We will primarily do practical exercises with some theoretical elements in between.

There are no requirements for participation. The workshop is suitable for everyone who interested in self-awareness, authenticity and wants to expolore their relation dynamics elation in a safe and open space.

Wear comfortable clothes preferable in multiple layers and bring a water bottle and maybe a note book.

Practical information:

Dates: Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of April 2019 from 10-19

Both days DKK 800,-
Single day DKK 500,-
Half price for Tinkuy members (400/250)
Two free spots available for Tinkuy ”komplet medlemmer”

Tickets available on billetto: https://billetto.dk/e/self-awareness-through-conscious-relation-billetter-347806/select

Max capacity: 15 people per day.

We will have shorter breaks during the day and a longer lunch break where you can either bring lunch or get something from the many cafes and restaurants in the area. During the day we will provide tee and snacks.

If you have any questions you can reach contact Diane on +45 2989 4636

About us:

Diane is passionate about authentic relation and how to deepen our self-awareness on the automatic patterns we often relate from. Her workshops are aiming on creating a playground for self-exploration and practice for connecting authentic to self and others.

Her daily work as a freelance IT consultant for the world’s biggest IT consultancy company gives her vast opportunities to practice how to stay connected and authentic also in a world where pace, time and performance are key elements.

She is certified Level-2 facilitator from Circling Europe, Flow specialist, TFT therapist and is currently deep diving into the wheel of consent and Radical Honesty methods. She is furthermore strongly inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhardt Tolle and Byron Katie.

Jakob is deeply interested in relational dynamics, boundary work and healing relational patterns and trauma. He has been into mindfulness and meditation for about 18 years, working with meditation tools for deepening of self-awareness, sense of self as well as a tool for therapeutic healing. He is in big favor of using tools where a sense of self and boundaries has a physical and relational aspect.

He is certified in life coaching and relational competence, as well as receiving education in topics related to Jungian psychology, energy work and dream interpretation.