Cancelled /POSTPONED 100 Faces of 'each-other' with Iwona: Workshop and Interactive Ritual

Tidspunkt: 15. Jun., kl 16:30
Varighed: 240 minutter
Tovholder: Iwona

... to kick-start your Sunday evening in an unusual way.
Kære gæster, jeg udsætter eventet. Jeg laver et kunstnerisk projekt på Illutron skibet en uge efter og du er meget velkommen der. https://m.facebook.com/events/2429345870421732
To all my past and new ritual co-creators,

You are invited to the 6th season of my 4 new 'early evening' ritualized workshops (23 March, 27 April, 25 May, 15 June 2019), where I share treasures, knowledge, experiences from my personal journey with tantra & sensuality, performance art, authentic relating and dynamic complexity of being a human. And where through play, exercises and inspiring debates I frame and lead a multi-level, safe space, where you can challenge and express yourself more powerfully. 100 faces of 'each other' is - together with my one-to-one sessions and massage - one of the main manifestations of 'Portable Door' (my life-long project of interactive play, daring sharings, rituals and touching another human being in more and new ways... unthinkable also for me.) Everytime I am inviting another co-creator... it's an honour.
Everytime you are given a pre-event question or a mission as preparation and a gift before the ritual.

Love, Iwona.

The THEME FOR TODAY will follow
The link to tickets will follow.
More will follow.. :)

see you in this special space. Let me get surprised by it, too...

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