Tiger Singleton - Self & Life Discovery

Tidspunkt: 16. Mar., kl 11:00
Varighed: 480 minutter
Tovholder: Laugrits

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March 15th, Tiger travels to Copenhagen to make available an intimate weekend of Self & Life Discovery. Focused on topics that help integrate the nature of spiritual/ancient truths into our everyday lives.

Tiger Singleton is a rare breed of playful chaos and compassionate directness. In my experience with Tiger, I found a deep resonance with his teachings, that has made subtle changes in my life. This weekend in Copenhagen will take you on a journey beyond this realm and deep into the realm of truth - nothing more, nothing less.


More details:

Attend the Whole Weekend - €275

Tinkuy members 50% discount. Two free spots for Tinkuy Complete Members (whole weekend only) - first come first served. E-mail to laugrits@tinkuy.dk for discount/free spot codes to be used at payment check out process.

15th Friday | 19H – 21H €40
The True Nature of Spiritual Enlightenment
Music, Meditation, Satsang. (Satsang is a word that describes a particular form of sharing. In this case, it would be similar to that of a lecture and dialog, where there is also a meditative undertone where the listener can inquire within themselves). 

16th Saturday | 11H – 19H €135
Purpose, Passion, and Service | Workshop
Saturday 11H to 13:30H Meditation, Satsang, Music
Saturday 13:30H to 15H Break for Lunch (not included)
Saturday 15H to 16:00H Group Discussion
Saturday 16:30H to 19H Satsang, Meditation, Music

17th Sunday | 11:00 – 19:00 €135
Healing the Wound of Inadequacy
Sunday 11H to 13:30H Meditation, Satsang, Music
Sunday 13:30H to 15H Break for Lunch (not included)
Sunday 15H to 16:00H Group Discussion
Sunday 16:30H to 19H Satsang, Meditation, Music

More details about the subject matter:

15th Friday | 19:00 – 21:00 

The True Nature of Spiritual Enlightenment
In every ancient tradition of spirituality, there have been pointers to a single profound moment of realization and transformation. This moment has been referred to in such ways as awakening, being born again, the rebirth, and enlightenment. Universally, it speaks to seeing beyond the veil of human conditioning, both socially and biologically, and to find one’s self no longer imprisoned by the experience of suffering.

In this casual yet focused lecture, which in some traditions might be referred to as Satsang, Tiger Singleton will bring a dramatic sense of clarity to the true nature of this discovery in a very practical and down-to-earth way. His form of communication is empty of any hype or motivation, and he speaks gently and directly to the heart of being human. This 2 hour evening will bring a sense of calm to your spirit, as you watch yourself recognize a beautiful and loving simplicity that’s available to all human beings.

16th Saturday | 11:00 – 19:00 

Purpose, Passion, and Service
To be disconnected from a genuine sense of purpose can often time lead to a sufferable experience that simply does not enjoy being alive. In many ways, living life becomes a waiting room for a death that simply won’t come fast enough. This might sound extreme, yet many people actually feel this way in some form or another. If we are clear about our purpose, then living life makes total sense and we feel a very real alive passion flowing through us. This passion then has the opportunity to become a genuine value that’s shared with the world.

In Tiger’s unique way of communicating, he will help you clarify the purpose of your unique expression of humanness. You’ll have the opportunity to dive into your heart’s sincerity and uncover the playful child within you that simply desires to enjoy your human experience. This workshop will be guided through a worksheet where you will investigate and answer deeply meaningful questions. As a bonus, you will also receive the audio recordings of this workshop which you can review at any time.

17th Sunday | 11:00 – 19:00 

Healing the Wound of Inadequacy
Every emotionally painful challenge that comes with being human, can be traced back to a belief in not being enough. It can seem as if everyday human experiences constantly remind us of this belief, and if left unchecked, it can cripple us in every area of our lives. The consequence of this is that we miss out on the joy of simply being alive because we are subconsciously always trying to be enough. Sooner or later we find ourselves in a place of utter exhaustion, wanting to just give up, and in many ways, we find ourselves simply being unkind.

Tiger’s unique perspective on this human dilemma sheds light on an innocent misunderstanding, that when deeply understood, you’ll recognize the absolute futility of trying to be enough. You’ll notice from a space of deep compassion and selfforgiveness, that you already are enough, and it’s impossible for you to ever not be enough. The miracle of this recognition is that it has the capacity to heal the selfviolence that constantly compares yourself with others, and finally allows you to relax as you are. This 4-hour exploration will truly be a gift for your heart and soul. As a bonus, you’ll also receive the audio recordings from this session.