AFLYST! MOVMENTLAB lets go deeper

Tidspunkt: 17. Feb., kl 12:00
Varighed: 240 minutter
Tovholder: Pil

Pil and Stine will be facilitating the space and time, it will be 3,5 hours of somatic and creative body exploration with half an hour break in the middle where we share some snack and fruit.

We work with both body impressions and expressions.

It is an playground where you come with an open mind, but expect to be challenged in your habitual way of moving and enjoy the ride

Entre: Kr 350
Halv pris til Tinkuymedlemmer.
To fripladser til kompletmedlemmer.
NB: limited space at our location, so be sure to book your space.
For Tinkuy member: book a space at tinkuy
For non members: and send a message to 40561862

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