Self-Somatic Healing v/Claudia Frers

Tidspunkt: 11. Jan., kl 15:30
Varighed: 90 minutter
Tovholder: claudia

Stress often leads to chronically contracted muscles. We often rid ourselves of muscle pain and discomfort through massage, a visit to a chiropracor or physical therapist. All these solutions are fine but the bills add up. What if you could get more relief from this discomfort or prevent future injuries by learning a simple self care proven to be effective? Hanna Somatics is a natural and mind-body integration practice that consists of a gentle system of movements that uses breathing techniques and turns your awareness inward. It is based on current neuroscience research regarding voluntary and conscious control of neuromuscular (mind-body) systems. As you are taught these movements, you will regain both awareness, sensation, and motor control of muscles. This process of sensory motor training in turn retrains your brain how to relax and move the muscles properly. Somatics provides the freedom of movement and coordination that has allowed top athletes and dancers to achieve top peak performance. Yet its meditative moves are gentle enough to be practiced by anyone regardless of age or disability. The result is that whatever physical movement you do afterwards will be done with less effort and greater enjoyment. Physical Therapists are trained to manipulate a client externally. The Somatic workshop teaches the client to make the changes through their own neuromuscular system by supplying the sensory feedback directly to the brain. When you actively engage yourself in the process, you also become better equipped to communicate your needs should further assistance be required.